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Aragon House Stud Young Stock

Aragon House Stud breed a small number of carefully chosen youngstock every year. Some of those young stock are pre-ordered, others sold invitro or as foals. A small number are kept after weaning and made available for sale as either yearlings, 2 or lightly backed 3 year old. See Youngstock for current availability.

Aragon House Grounds

Aragon House Stud Care Philosophy

Aragon House Stud is a private stud set in 50+ acres of rolling Cambridgeshire countryside. There are over 2 miles of post & rail fenced paddocks, 2 indoor stabling blocks. Purpose built indoor foaling bays, 24hr x 365 video and audio monitoring of all stables and foal bays ensuring maximum care of all mares, foals and all youngstock by dedicated, highly trained staff on site.


Aragon House Stud On Site Facilities

Aragon House Stud benefits from a wide range of cutting edge facilities including a recently implemented 25mtr x 50mtr all weather white fibre ménage. All paddocks are fitted with automatic watering systems and separated suing post and rail fencing. The site now has over 2 miles of purpose built private tracks allowing much of the preparation of youngstock for backing and breaking to be carried out on site.

Tailor Made

Aragon House Stud 2018 Arrivals

Future arrivals in 2018 include ........ El.St. Aika x Morricone (OLD), D Elegance x For Dance (OLD), San Samour x Royal Rubin (OLD), Wild Dance x Devonport (OLD), Delilah Diamond x Florenz (OLD), Voltoral x Kobalt (TRAK).

2012 Arrivals

Aragon House Stud 2017 New Arrivals

Coming soon to Aragon House Stud are the following new arrivals.......... El.St. Aika x Morricone (OLD), D Elegeance x Dor Dance (HAN), San Su mour x Farrell (OLD), Delilah Diamond x Floriscount (OLD), Wild Dance x Devenport (OLD), St.Pr.Pr.St.Kara Bella x Honore du Soir (TRAK).