Aragon House Stud is delighted to be able to offer to its more discerning clients the option to subscribe to our "Tailor Made" foal service

What does this mean?

As with most things in life, what you get out is what you put in, and never more is it truer than in the breeding of young horses. So not surprising some people are very selective about their preferences when it comes to investing in youngstock. Quite often this preference is based on past experiences and should not be sneezed at. Or it may simply be that a particular combination of lines has proven to be extremely successful over time. Whatever the driver(s) may be, investing in a young horse from the beginning is a very significant commitment and therefore you have every right to aspire to owning the best horse that money can buy.

Very few people want or need to make the investment loan term in the acquisition and care of an Elite or State Premium mare and whilst we cannot possibly hope to accommodate the needs of all of our clients, what we can do is make available a range of very high quality mares that they can commission in order to produce the foal of their dreams.

How does it work?

It’s quite simple really…..the cost of commissioning an Aragon House mare from the point of inception to the point of weaning is no greater than purchasing a young foal of equivalent quality. What we require you to do is to cover the operating costs of the programme on top of which we charge a flat commissioning fee of £1,500 for the use of the mare. The programme costs will include the mares and (where applicable) her weanlings keep throughout the 18 month period, any associated veterinary care both during the AI process and throughout the programme to the point of weaning. Stud Fees must be paid separately and directly to the stud in question.

A working example has been shown below for your consideration;

Commissioning Aragon House Stud Mare
Commissioning Fees £1,500
Mare & Weanling (18mth) Keep Fees £2,700
Write Down – Mare Asset £500
AI Fees (based on 2 cycles) £690
Foaling Down Veterinary Fees £250
Stud Fees (example only) £650
Total Cost - Tailor Made Foal £6,290

This service is only available to clients that choose appropriately bred stallions and the commissioning fees are paid 50% on commencement of the first AI cycle and 50% on weaning.

If you are interested in exploring this service further or in coming to view our fabulous mares please don’t hesitate to contact us.