Never has there been greater variety of stallions to chose from than there are today. This coupled with good access to professional studs and AI facilities, means that the options for any breeder of horses whether professional or amateur are almost endless. Furthermore, with recognition widely established between the various stud books it means that, as a breeder, we have the flexibility to look to other breeds to improve on the qualities of our mares when planning for their future progeny.

At AHS we firmly believe that we should start each year with a clean slate and ask the question what qualities do we have to work with and what’s out there that’s going to make a difference. Using the same stallions repeatedly or limiting ourselves only to stallions that are very well known is an unnecessary handicap in my view given the number of wonderful new prospects that are grading and on an annual basis.

When choosing stallions for our mares we try not to be prejudiced in any way but instead to look for the fundamental qualities that will give our offspring fantastic prospects in whatever field was intended. Consequently this year we used a mixture of vintage and new blood, each chosen for their very special qualities and included:

  • E H Hohenstein
  • De Niro
  • Danone I
  • Kentucky
  • Sambertino
  • Primitive Proposal

So significant is our passion and admiration for certain lines that we purchase some of our mare herd as foals in order to bring certain crucial bloodline into the mare herd. Bringing with them a fantastic combination of the most sought after admired dressage, jumping, dual purpose lines including Furst Heinrich, Donnerhall, De Niro, Wellmeyer, Don Romantic, Benetton Dream, Gribaldi, Fidermark & Voltaire.

Going forward, we look forward to many years full of fabulous choices and wonderful promise and we hope you do too, destiny is after all what you make it!


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